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Momma Julie’s Cinnamon Rolls

My family loves food.  We love to eat food, to prepare food, to talk about food.  We love appetizers and desserts.  We love food from all parts of the world.  We especially love food that you have to unbutton your pants after eating.  We are notorious for planning our next meal while still eating the first.  When my family gets together, you know that there will be good food and good wine.  I break any diet I may be on when I go home for a visit simply because of the food.

Due to our culinary obsessions, we have troves of recipes that have been created and refined over our many years of get-togethers and holidays.  Some my grandmother swears are original to our family, and some we stole and made our own.  All I know is that they’re tasty.

I think the most popular and frequently requested recipe is that of my mother’s cinnamon rolls.  While the inception of this recipe is credited to my grandmother, its current iteration is entirely my mother’s.  She will read this and tell me, “No, Ruthie was the one who yada yada yada…” but I disagree.  When I was a child, friends would ask about “your mom’s rolls” or their parents would ask me for “Julie’s amazing sticky buns”.  My boyfriend, Rich, tasted them once and can still recall their texture and flavor and would frequently tell me “Your mom’s were fluffier” or “Your mom’s had more butter” as I was attempting to recreate the recipe.

They are legendary.  Continue reading