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Baking is messy… Duh.

I realize it should be common knowledge that there’s no way to cook or bake and keep your kitchen absolutely spotless at the same time.  Could someone please bring my boyfriend up to speed?

After preparing for two days for a party that I was quasi-catering this last Saturday (more on that later), my kitchen looked like a flour/chocolate/sea salt/jalapeno bomb had gone off.  You try sautéing jalapenos without the seeds popping and causing little jalapeno chunks to fly about the room!  So Friday night, I sweetly walked into the living room and asked if Rich would do the dishes.  To be fair, there were a lot less dishes then as I hadn’t started baking round two, and his definition of “do the dishes” is wash what fits on the drying rack and call it a day.  He agreed and (two hours later) walked into the kitchen and took stock.  The next words out of his mouth were, “This is just not fair.” Continue reading


Re-entering the Arena

I have had barely enough energy to move lately.  Apparently trying to find just the right dresser on Craigslist is really tiring.  But I did, in a fit of I-must-do-something-productive-before-I-stay-up-until-5-AM-again-ness, manage to find myself standing in front of my stove.  The burners were taunting me, daring me to actually cook something instead of just cutting open a frozen Barilla meal and calling it dinner.

I have been fantastically lazy in my approach to food lately, and I’m hoping being held accountable by the unseen internet blog masses will help me change that.  I find it rather amazing that having literally no schedule, no day job or anything that must be done that day, can actually fill your time.  I get up, check email, pet the cat, let the rabbit out, check email, haunt Craigslist for a couple hours, check email, look at job listings, check email, check email, check email, watch every show my DVR caught for me the night before (suck on that commercials!), check email, etc and suddenly it’s 2 AM and I realize all I’ve eaten that day was yogurt, diet 7-UP, pasta with butter and parmesan, and a glass of milk.  Healthy, eh?  I haven’t always been this way!  Ok, that’s quite possibly the biggest lie I’ve ever told. Continue reading

My Year of Living Dangerously

In December of 2008, I found myself with a brand-spanking new college degree and visions of the millions I would make before the New Year was out.  After about five months of job searching in my sprawling new city of residence, I realized that our tanking/-ed economy had thrown me flat on my ass.  Soon after, feeling my spiral of desperation firmly taking hold, I knew I had to find something else to pass the time.  Scouring Craigslist just really wasn’t doing it for me. Continue reading