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“Fancy” Pasta Salad

I grew up in the south.  Well, as south as North Carolina can be.  Which, depending on the area you’re in, can get pretty southern.  I love to tell people that in North Carolina the humans are outnumbered by pigs.  I don’t think this is actually true anymore, but when I was a kid it definitely was the case.  And man do we know how to cook em.  If you’ve never had North Carolina pulled pork barbecue, you’re missing out.  And if you want to really immerse yourself in it, go to a pig pickin.  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  You usually see them with the big oil drum grills.  And sometimes in the summer people set up their grills on corners and sell barbecue.  Ah, the south and your wanton disregard for presentation. Continue reading